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Andrew Schirmer August 16, 2023
"Dr. Ehren is by far one of the best chiropractic specialists I have ever had the pleasure of working with. He is flexible, professional, understanding, and knowledgeable. His ChiroGo program is an absolute must for those of us with chronic conditions, and Dr. Ehren makes it a quick and simple while being thorough and addressing each patient's individual concerns."
Desmond Michael August 10, 2023
"Dr. E is the best chiropractor I've come across. He was recommended to me by a co-worker after I had a bad experience. Be sure to give him a try if you are seeking a new chiropractor or if this is your first time you won't want to give anyone else a try!"
brandon short August 9, 2023
"Dr. Ehren is a remarkable man. I’m a marine corps vet that has had a lot of mileage on my back and neck, not only that, I am a heavy equipment operator also so to cut it short I suffer horribly with mobility, muscle stiffness, pinched nerves etc. I had reached out to Dr. Ehren after waking up one day completely immobile cause my lower back and neck was Locked up and he took me in immediately. After assessing me and making the needed adjustments I felts amazing after. The best I felt in years. He’s a wonderful person, very knowledgeable, down to earth and works wonders. Needless to say he’s my go to person for all my adjustment needs and advice to help prevent further pain. Dr. Ehren also started myself and my fiancé on a vitamin regimen from Standard Process and since then I’ve felt amazing. More energy, less inflammations and over all better mental health. I highly recommend anyone coming to Regenerative MedSpa/ChiroGO."
Bree Honnerlaw-Gates August 9, 2023
"Dr. Ehren is awesome! I have been trying to find a good chiropractor for a long time and he is by far the best! He also has different option of membership plans for yourself or the whole family!"
Gina Waite August 8, 2023
"Ehren and Casey are the best of the best! They took care of me during both of my pregnancies with adjustments and massage. All of my pains were alleviated! Don’t hesitate to visit them you will not be disappointed!"
Penny C August 1, 2023
"Dr Ehren really knows what he's doing. He is the best chiropractor I have ever gone to. His experience and expertise are to be noted. Give him a try, you'll be glad you did. I sure am."